Spot Trips

Spot Trip (Riders and hikers, One way or roundtrip)
For your trip, gear is packed (dropped off) to a pre-determined destination. After you drop off your gear, you will depart from the pack station on horseback along with your packer and gear to the pre-determined destination. If you are a hiker, you can start your hiking adventure once you have dropped off your gear with your packer.

Spot  trips are available throughout the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness. There is an excess of 100 lakes and many miles of streams within a day’s ride.

Riding and Pack Stock

per head of stock per day
Each pack animal can carry a maximum of 150 lbs.


Price per Packer per day
Each packer can lead a maximum of 6 animals. If the total number of stock (riding or packing) exceeds 6 animals, an additional packer is required. The Forest Service mandates that the total number of people at one campsite does not exceed 15 people.

*Spot Trips require a minimum charge of $550 (2 animals and 1 packer).

Final price based on specifics of your trip. To discuss the specifics of your trip, please contact 760-934-2345