Unfortunately, we will have to close Red’s Meadow Resort and Pack station earlier than planned. Yes, we have been aware of the planned road construction since we first attended the stakeholder meetings several years ago. Based on information received from the Forest Service contact assigned to us, as well as flyers distributed in late August by the Minaret Vista (USFS entrance station) our plan was to operate through Sep 30. Implementation of the 24-hr, Monday through Friday Red’s Meadow Road full closure beginning Monday, 9/18, forces us close by Sunday, September 17, 2023. We understand this is frustrating and creates logistical challenges for many, including us.

Please note the following closing times and dates for the 2023 season: 

The last day for the ESTA Red’s Meadow Shuttle service will be Sunday, September 10.

The Mule House Cafe will close for the season, at 6:00 pm on Sunday, September 17. 

The General Store will close for the season at 7:00 pm on Sunday, September 17.

The last day for trail rides will be Saturday, September 16. 

The last day for lodging will be Saturday, September 16 (checking out Sunday morning, 9/17).

Through hikers may pick up resupplies at the General Store until 5:00 pm. Sunday, 9/17.

Please pay close attention to the ONLY options available for through hikers planning to pick up resupplies after September 17. You MUST notify us via email (info@redsmeadow.com) which one of the following options you want:

  1. You may pick up your resupply at Red’s Meadow on September 23, 24, and 30, between 11:00 am and 2:00p.m. 
  2. If you are already on the trail and are unable to pick up your resupply at the above times, you may designate someone else to pick it up. We must have written consent from you to release your resupply to someone other than you.
  3. You may donate the contents of your resupply package. In the past resupply donations have gone to local search and rescue agencies, local schools, and local food banks. 
  4. We have not been able to confirm this option, but if the Mammoth Post Office allows us to return the resupply package to the sender, we will return the package. Please be aware that this policy has been different in different years. 

For all our resort and pack trip guests who have reservations with us after September 17, we will be in touch in hopes to reschedule your visit or issue a refund. We appreciate your patience in this matter as we try to answer numerous phone calls and emails during this time. 

Many of you are calling Red’s with questions regarding trailheads, campgrounds, permit cancellations and how this affects existing plans, but for now, this is the most up to date information we can provide. Please call the Forest Service Office directly for more information. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes have caused. We are still waiting for concrete answers to questions we have asked in the past.